1. scraper

    — Rust HTML parsing and querying with CSS selectors. Just used it to quickly knock up htmlq, a very simple html querier. It was absolutely great.
  2. Everybody in The Place: An Incomplete History of Britain 1984-1992

    I loved this documentary from Jeremy Deller when it was first broadcast in August. A journey through recent British history, via acid house. Ideas rather than “this is what happened”. Highly recommended.

  3. music web app is unsurprisingly better than iTunes, even as a beta.
  4. ferrum

    — A high-level ruby API for Chrome, similar to puppeteer:

    browser = Ferrum::Browser.new
    browser.screenshot(path: "google.png")
  5. Fascinating in-depth article on unraveling the jpeg, explains really clearly exactly how jpeg compression works.
  6. Robin Schroer explains why I like clojure, breaking it down into its lispiness, hosted ecosystem and the community.
  7. They suggest the kind of man – and we’ve all met them – who has a two-tier view of the female sex. There is a world for their daughters, hopefully insulated from men like their friend Jeffrey, and then there is another world for the girls who service their friend Jeffrey. Marina Hyde on Prince Andrew/Jeffrey Epstein
  8. Kind of Bloop

    , the track-by-track 8-bit reinterpretation of Miles Davis’ Kind of Blue is 10 years old. To celebrate it’s now free to download and listen.