• Frances went on a school trip to the British Museum1 on Tuesday. It must have been a success - she made us go back on Sunday, to show her brother a 5,500 year old mummified “butt”.

    My daughter pointing out the butt of a mummified man
    Look Fred, that's its butt

    We also all ate a meal in Chinatown at Fred’s favourite restaurant (he’s been there once!), where he got us to eat exactly the same food he’d had the last time. It was actually pretty great. Are my kids growing up?

  • In other positive news, I fixed our dishwasher. As in I ordered a new pump, took the machine apart, replaced the broken pump, and put it all back together. All without killing myself. Genuine highlight of my year so far.

  • Suprised to see an Only Fools and Horses reference in the TypeScript documentation.

    type OnlyBoolsAndHorses = {
      [key: string]: boolean | Horse;
    const conforms: OnlyBoolsAndHorses = {
      del: true,
      rodney: false,
  • Zero running, zero PT sessions, zero exercise, ugh.


  1. Tried to gently broach the subject with the kids as to whether all these antiquities should be in Britain rather than their places of origin. Not much engagement, and then my mind started wandering into thinking about the huge logistical operation it must have taken just to plunder all this stuff.