#blue opens for business

If you’re an O2 customer based in the UK, you might be interested that #blue, a project we’ve built, has recently (re)opened for business. It’s a soft launch, but feel free to tell your friends.

#blue gets copies of every SMS message you send or receive, and makes them available to you on the web. You can search your messages, read whole conversations, and even reply, all from the comfort of your browser.

Screenshot of the main hashblue messages page

As well as a nice-looking web UI, there’s also an API that allows other apps to read and manipulate your messages and contacts (once you give them permission). Think automatic posting to twitter, or showing new messages as alerts on your desktop. The possibilities are endless.

Screenshot of the hashblue API explorer

Oh, and it’s all free. All you need is an O2 phone.

If you think it sounds interesting, ask for a beta request. You should get an invitation very quickly. Once on board, please send me any suggestions and feedback. It’s going to be interesting to see where we can take this project.